Goal Setting

Are your goals and your dreams for your life written down? If not, they should be! I allow my mind to relax and focus on my dreams. I write them down, read them out loud, and rewrite them several times to confirm that I want to achieve them. This becomes my purpose in life. I determine what needs to be in place to achieve those dreams. Here is a simple, very popular goal writing technique that I like.
Goal writing process
Start with the process below to determine what needs to be in place to achieve your dreams.
1. Write the dream, mission statement, objectives, desires, whatever you wish to achieve.
2. Determine what items that need to be place that are not there yet. These will be your action items. Start each sentence with “To.” Example; Goal: To paint the railing red.
3. Write out each goal that needs to be achieved.
4. Test each goal to ensure it is written correctly by using the S.M.A.R.T. technique below
Test each goal by asking the following questions:
1. S – Is the goal specific? Painting the railing red is specific. We know which railing, what colour, and the action that is needed.
2. M – Is the goal measurable? How do you know when the goal has been achieved? We know when we succeeded in painting the railing red when the railing is painted red. It’s a yes or no scenario.
3. A – Is the goal attainable? Well, if I wanted to paint the railing red, but don’t have access to that colour of paint, then it will be impossible to achieve it. The same is true if I wanted to paint the railing red in an hour when the railing spans over three city blocks.
4. R – Is the goal realistic or relevant? If painting the railing red doesn’t contribute to my dream, then achieving it would be irrelevant. Perhaps the cost of painting the railing red would bankrupt me, then it would not be realistic to do it and perhaps it needs to be rewritten or simply abandoned.
5. T – Is the goal timely? My goal doesn’t have a timeframe, so my goal fails the test. I could rewrite the goal and add “by Friday.” This newly written goal would need to be tested again to ensure it meets the SMART test.
I like this approach to writing goals. I hope you enjoy it too! Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Hamilton accountant.
Keep things simple!