Sell Sell Sell

The most important part of all businesses is the ability to sell. We can spend money easily and freely and we might think that spending can be challenging given that we need to spend in the right places for the right things, but without sales, we don’t have the money to buy things without dipping into our personal lives.
How to sell
As an accountant in Hamilton, I’m not immune from the need to sell. My business comes from referrals mostly, but yours might not. For me to succeed, I need to provide exceptional, high quality service. When people like me, they tell their friends. I believe in caring for my clients and that’s how I grow my business.
What about the selling process? The best approach to creating a sound selling process is to do your homework. There is no hiding from it. Research your competitors and see what they do. They sell and market based on what works especially long established businesses. They made the mistakes and did the trials. If you are doing exactly that then maybe, it’s your closing techniques.
All sales need a closing, whether it is a simple node on confirmation of the purchase, or a direct question asking for the sale. We can’t be fearful of asking for the sale such as, “How would you like for me to package this?” or “May I place the order?” I went to a store several weeks ago where a salesperson met me as soon as I walked into the store and they did their job beautifully. They provided a need, they created a trust, they demonstrated a perfect fit for my purposes, but they didn’t ask for the sale. I was confused and lost. I thought he wanted to sell me the product but felt he wasn’t interested. I felt I would be rude if I blurted out that I wanted to buy it. I thought it was his job to ask for it. He didn’t, I left.
Don’t ask too soon but be sure to ask! Close the sale. Keeping selling, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood accountant.
Keep it simple!