O Canada or Oh! Canada

I celebrated Canada Day and reflected on some of the people who make up our country.  This brought back memories of acquaintances who came to Canada for a better life.

I spoke to many immigrants in my life but never met up with a refugee or at least no one brought to my attention that they escaped from their homeland.  For those I met and those I’ve heard their story, they not only struggled at home but struggled even more here, in Canada.  When I spoke to them, they tell me they came to Canada for a better life, especially for their family.  Some are dentists and others are doctors but in both cases, Canada didn’t recognize their education and experience here so they would have to repeat most of their education process.

Come to Canada!

My understanding and perspective of the invitation given to people of other countries is that this is a great country to live.  I agree, this is a great Country and I’m proud to be Canadian and I’m proud to be part of its culture and meaning.  I Love it that other countries sees us as polite and kind.

Many immigrants try to attain a job here but since their education and experience do not qualify, they try to find any form of employment to survive while their children attend school.  Most of these people are educated and quite intelligent so they try their hand at being an entrepreneur.  They invest all their money they brought with them, as prescribed by our government, into a franchise or their own startup company.  They work hard, very hard, to be successful.

I heard of a person who escaped bullets with their family in the trunk of their car.  They came to Canada, started a business and it grew to three plants, one in Canada, and two in the United States.  They sold their business when he retired.  As an Accountant here in Hamilton, I’m proud of new Canadians making a difference.  Let’s extend our pride for all Canadians, new and previous generations.

Keep it simple!