For Business Sake

Claude Pardiac is a well-spoken presenter who will provide you and your small business with the know-how you need to get things done.  His small business seminars are down-to-earth, providing you with the tools you need to run your business.

Seminars and workshops: Knowledge sharing from 25 years-experience in understanding how businesses work

a.       How to setup your books (the 3 parts)

  • Business, personal vehicle, home office
  • What the accountant is looking for when doing taxes and building statements


b.      Budgeting and business plans; what is truly needed?

  • A breakdown of a business plan simplified and reduced


c.       Winning formula for success

  • The six parts of a business that works


d.      The absolutes of running a business

  • The 3 absolutes Cash, Marketing, and Management
  • The explanation of what they mean and how to work with them


e.    How do I start my small business right?

  • The requirements and needs for the first timer who wishes to start up